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Kirsten and Adam’s Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Wedding

Ever thought that planning a wedding was stressful? Try planning a wedding along with defending your dissertations in chemistry, job-searching as two Ph.D. holders, and moving across the country. That’s what Kirsten and Adam managed to do in the few months leading up to their beautiful day. I had the privilege of shooting their wedding, and I can say that they didn’t seem a bit stressed throughout the process. In fact, they were some of the most kind-hearted people I’d ever met. I guess that’s what happens when you have real “chemistry!”

I started off the day with Kirsten while she got ready. Her mom and cousin (along with other family members) had traveled all the way from Germany, and they were there to help her choose her necklace and put on her dress. Meanwhile, Dave spent time with Adam and his family. Despite the fact that Kirsten’s family lives in Europe, these families have managed to become quite close through a few reciprocal visits, along with a joint vacation to Yellowstone. (I thought of the Viering-Libson clan when my own family took a trip to the park this summer!)

The ceremony was held in beautiful Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, where we got some great pictures of Kirsten and Adam exiting to bubbles. For the next half hour or so, there were hugs galore, along with a lot of laughter as Kirsten and Adam greeted each and every one of their guests outside of the church. I loved that they built this time into their day to really hang out with loved ones.

At the reception at Villanova Conference Center, there were creative elements of Kirsten and Adam’s personalities everywhere. From an ice sculpture of two skiers (one of their favorite pastimes) to an easel where guests could paint their visual “signatures” with acrylics, you could tell that these two were meant for each other. In fact, Dave and I got so excited about the possibility of doing a ring shot on the pallet of acrylics that Dave managed to get red paint all over his camera and pants. Don’t worry — the rings came out unscathed and the picture was worth it!

Adam’s brother gave such an emotional toast that the whole family was in tears, and then Kirsten’s

cousin showed a slideshow of the bride and groom as kids.

Throughout the evening, you could sense an incredible warmth in the room. These two definitely love each other, as well as their family and friends.

Adam and Kirsten, we’re so glad that your two elements collided into such a fantastic chemical reaction. May your love take you from here to Boston to Germany and beyond.


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