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Kristin and Brian at St. Paul’s RCC and Cescaphe in Philly

They always say you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. If you’re anything like Kristin and Brian, these are one in the same! At this couple’s Philly wedding at St. Paul’s RCC and Cescaphe, their close and loving families were just as excited about becoming one as Kristin and Brian were!

After getting ready in the Sheraton Society Hill, Kristin shared a toast with her mom and bridal party. Meanwhile, the guys were sharing their own toast at the bar around the corner!

They’d had a little extra time before the ceremony and wanted to use their last few pre-wedding moments to celebrate, so we got an awesome shot of their last-minute scotch break.

After the ceremony, we headed outside for bridal party shots. Kristin had given each of the girls fur wraps to go with their dresses, so everyone was up for an adventure in the cold at Headhouse Square.

The lights at 2nd and South Streets near Christmas time are gorgeous, and with the cityscape in the background, we knew we’d found the best spot. Kristin and Brian even ventured down into the subway!

This group was a blast to work with, because they all treated each other like family.

While they fired up the party at Cescaphe, Kristin and Brian’s loved ones gave several touching and memorable toasts welcoming one another onto the family tree.

Kristin and Brian, welcome to the JPG extended family, and thanks for letting us share the day when you started your new one together!


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