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Kristen & Ryan at JJ Audobon Center

A wedding should be mixed with two parts love, one part fun and laughter, and a dash of patience. That’s the recipe for the perfect day, and Kristen and Ryan truly arrived with these ingredients on their wedding day. Their personalities, supported by friends and loved ones, shone through from the start to the very end, and it made for some great and fun photography!

The day started off on quite the positive note with the girls, as they popped the bottle of champagne in early celebration. Kristen and I thought it’d be funny to take some photos of her lounging in her hotel tub with the bottle, pretending to be drunk. That really set the tone for the day, because she and Ryan were down for anything that seemed fun.

First off, this is a gorgeous couple. Wherever we took their photos, they would have turned out amazing. They had their first look at their venue, the John James Audubon Center. This venue’s stunning scenery, mixed with the beautiful mixture of lighting throughout the day, really made for some amazing documentation. They were taken overlooking the landscape, with the sculptured grounds, but what really made these photos exquisite was the genuine love and happiness they emitted when they first saw each other. As cheesy as it sounds, they were like two puzzle pieces who just fit together so…perfectly. They didn’t need much instruction at all!

The ceremony was incredibly sweet, with the string quartets accompanying one of the nicest pastors we’ve ever met. And at the reception, there was the coolest owl keeper hanging out for people to see! The wise old owl must have known that Kristen and Ryan had a love that was meant for life.

The DJ really knew how to get the guests moving, since he used old-fashioned props to pass around during the bumpin’ music. Everyone put on some silly looking glasses and took fun photos as they danced the night away. We could totally appreciate the genuine silliness.

This is a wedding that I’m sure I’ll never forget. Thank you to Kristen and Ryan for choosing JPG Photography to document your beautiful day, and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Joe G.

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