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Kristie & Ed’s Autumn Wedding at St. Pius and Springfield CC

Kristie and Ed didn’t just want one day of fun– that wouldn’t do them justice.  JPG Photography had the privilege of documenting multiple massive parties! Between their engagement at Ridley Creek State Park, their autumn wedding at Saint Pius Church in Broomall and Springfield Country Club, and their second wedding, i.e., the New Years Eve bash at the Hotel Palomar, you could say we really got to know these two successful lovebirds during beautiful Autumn in the Philadelphia area.

The church held special meaning for Kristie, because she attended school there growing up. One new addition, was the young priest who took over the pastoral duties, including the wedding preparations. The day was an exciting one for him, too, since it was his first wedding as an officiant. At one point, everyone shared a good laugh as he accidentally slipped up on a “Mr.”/”Mrs.” mention! The focus of the day was dual: Kristie and Ed’s unique love was as reverent as it was lighthearted.

We were able to get loads of beautiful photos with Kristie and Ed, but there were two portraits that really stood out. The first was a shot of the couple inside the church, featuring a reflection of the stained glass window from the majestic church doors. Kristie and Ed were situated directly between the Apostles at the Last Supper, making them look like a part of the holy imagery. They didn’t see the shot being set up, because of the dark ambiance, but they put their trust in JPG Photography, and were pleasantly surprised at the final product (and the result ended up getting a WPJA award for it, too!).

The second portrait took place at their reception at Springfield Country Club, a beautiful setting surrounded by autumn foliage. Kristie and Ed stood together outside, witnessing a vibrant red sunset. It almost looked like the sky was on fire itself. This, paired with the warm autumn tones made for an amazing image of the newlyweds and the burning sky.

Their reception was intimate, and we definitely got to see Ed in his element. He’s an entrepreneur and business owner like me, so he likes being around people. Seeing him cracking jokes and having the time of his life being surrounded by his family was awesome. And it is clear that both Kristie and Ed care deeply for the wonderful family around them.

Cheers to Kristie and Ed on their beautiful wedding day, and thanks for letting us be a part of it. And, if you have another New Years Eve party, don’t forget about JPG!

Best, Joe G.

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