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Lara & Matt at Bear Creek Camp, Wilkes Barre, PA

Rain on a wedding day is said to be good luck, but when it happens, we always make the best of the situation.

Even with the damp weather, Lara and Matt’s wedding at Bear Creek Camp in Wilkes Barre, PA was a beautiful day. To start the day, the ladies were primped at a salon near the Hilton Garden Inn in Wilkes Barre where the whole bridal party got dressed. The ceremony and reception space at Bear Creek Camp is sentimental to Lara as she spent time there as a counselor and camper. Many members of the wedding party and guests had attended with her and waiters were her former campers.

Almost all of Lara’s decorations were homemade, including the hand-sewn chair covers. She used orange and white-knotted fabric for the backdrop in their ceremony. The space felt cozy and intimate.

With the wet weather, taking photos outdoors became a bit of a challenge, but everyone was cooperative. We saw a few breaks of sun, and Lara and Matt took their couples photos in a pavilion outside with lush greenery as a backdrop.

It was hysterical watching Matt and his nine year-old nephew battle each other in a couple of dance-offs at the reception. I must say, the little guy sure can bust a move!

Thanks, Lara and Matt, for choosing JPG to be a part of your beautiful wedding. We loved getting to know you and your family during the weekend. Here’s hoping all that rain was to give you guys a little bit of good luck to bless your future together!


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