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Leslie and Joe’s Wintery Downtown Club Wedding

Four days after New Years, as Philadelphia froze, Leslie and Joe braved snow and frigid temperatures proving once again that JPG couples are bolder, hardier, and more adventurous than most.

One of the most rewarding aspects of wedding photography is the chance to witness and capture family bonds at their strongest. The women in Leslie’s family embody what it means to be a family unit and at the Hotel Monaco we were fortunate enough to see some incredible moments between Leslie, her mother and sisters. We shared the love as Leslie’s Mom teared up when she opened a letter and gift from Joe. We laughed with Leslie as she and her sister fought and lost a battle with a champagne bottle, with it spewing everywhere. We were touched at the sight of Leslie’s mother as she held her daughter’s hands in the Rolls Royce on the way to the church. There was nothing but adoration for one another, making them one of my favorite mother-daughter pairs.

Poinsettias and illuminated evergreens covered the altar at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish, where Joe stood, awaiting the moment he would see his partner. Escorted by her brother, Leslie met Joe at the end of the aisle with priceless giddiness on her face.

At Independence Mall the brave couple and bridal party embraced the cold for a fun and playful  photo session in the snow. One of my favorite moments was when the two of them went up and played the tambourines with the band at their Downtown Club reception.

Leslie and Joe, you were a blast! May you have a lifetime of love and happiness!


Joe G.

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