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Proud Mommies continue their LGBT love story

At JPG, we’re known for our passion for LGBT rights. We’ve been shooting special moments in our gay and lesbian couples’ lives before gay marriage was even legal in most states (including PA).

But it’s not just a love of the LGBT community overall that drives us to do good work; it’s our love for actual people — our LGBT family members, close friends, and clients-who-have-become-close-friends. The fight for LGBT rights is not just outside struggle for us. Instead, it’s about the people we care about. At its core, it’s about a celebration of love.

So we were thrilled when our clients-who-have-become-close-friends, Annie and Abby, announced they were expecting.

Years ago, we’d captured an amazing snowy engagement shoot with their dog Leelu. Then, we photographed Annie and Abby just being together at home — cooking dinner, snuggling on the couch, watching the West Wing…in short, all our favorite things. We knew we’d be fast friends. Then, their wedding involved Leelu (of course), a choreographed wedding party dance to Thriller, and lots of happy tears, we knew our friendship would last for a long time.

Joe and I have had the privilege of documenting so many wonderful moments in their lives, and we couldn’t wait to capture some beautiful pregnant images while Abby was expecting and then some intimate early moments with little Hank.

Even Leelu seems thrilled for this new addition to the fam!

We’ve fallen in love again. Little Hank has our hearts, and we couldn’t be happier for our dear clients-who-have-become-close-friends, Annie and Abby.


Rebecca G.

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