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Emily & Pat’s Spyglass Ridge Winery Wedding

I’ve been close friends with Emily since… well, since she was born! I remember distinctly, when we were kids, we would make videos of our “original plays” and “puppet theatre,” while our parents hung out and chatted about the perils of parenting. It was only fitting to hear about her fiancé Pat’s own history in production! I can say with confidence that one of Em’s greatest productions was her wedding day. And, since Emily and Pat invited JPG Photography to be a part of their big day at the Spyglass Ridge Winery, we got front row seats to the action!

Emily got her hair done at the Karis Salon on Market, where we were able to snap a few fun (if not wet!) photos of her and her bridesmaids huddling under an umbrella on the way to the house. Because of the unpredictable weather, they had the ceremony indoors at the winery. Emily and Pat had a really neat backdrop: a doorframe with open doors, perhaps symbolizing new beginnings and possibilities. When the sun came out we snagged some awesome pictures amidst the grapevines, including one where Emily and Pat are holding glasses of beer for a touch of irony.

There was a sign in the Spyglass Ridge winery that says, “What Happens at the Winery, Stays at the Winery,” and it’s a good thing! Between the kegs of beer, the wine (including wine slushies!), the dancing, and the absolutely nonstop laughter, this was a party to remember. Even the weather joined in on the fun. Part of the way through the reception, a dense and beautiful mist settled over the vineyard, so we had Emily and Pat trek across the hills for a gorgeous portrait together, followed by, of course, a zombie-walking moment of silliness.

More than anything, I love that Pat is someone who makes Emily smile. If I had to describe this wedding in one word, it would be happiness. Thank you both for bringing JPG behind the scenes. I’m so glad that we get to watch their story continue with a happily ever after!

Best, Rebecca

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