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Liz and David in Historic Cape May

Start with quaint and colorful historic Cape May. Add pearls, romantic balconies, abundant laughter and a subtle vintage feel, and you’ll have Liz and David’s wedding. This couple chose special details that made the day uniquely theirs. From Liz’s long and elegant veil to the fluffy color-coordinated cupcakes, we knew everything had been selected to represent Liz and David with no element overlooked, no matter how small.

Liz and David got ready at the Chalfonte Hotel, the epitome of Cape May style. It’s a traditional-looking place with fabulous balconies and archways, and we loved shooting this couple against the old-world backdrop of crimson curtains and golden walls. Afterwards, while the ladies took a limousine to the church, David hopped in his car and drove himself!

This couple’s laid-back mood was refreshing and candid, just like their ceremony. We caught them exchanging the sweetest sideways looks while they were waiting in the pews. Liz and David’s ceremony was small, intimate and filled with laughter and reflection. We loved that they chose to spend that time with those closest to them, and it was beautiful to be able to capture the love of these two families coming together.

Later, we took advantage of the windy weather, sea and sand dunes and took photos on the beach. We enjoyed letting this couple just be themselves and seeing what we ended up with. The wind kept catching Liz’s veil and patches of blue were peeking through the clouds: a perfect day. We did a fun shoot with the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen were off getting coffee down the street during their shoot!

When we headed back to the hotel for a relaxed cocktail hour reception, guests shared stories and hung out in rocking chairs on the porch. The hotel’s balconies made for some more fantastic pictures after the sun went down, and so did Liz and David’s awesome cupcake display.

Liz and David, we’re glad to have been a part of your celebration. Thanks for choosing JPG, it was a day at the beach we’ll never forget!




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