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Elizabeth and David Marry at the Merion Tribute House

Beth and Dave shared a beautiful wedding day at the Merion Tribute House under blue skies and perfect weather.

The sunflowers lit up the ceremony and Beth was stunning in her Vera Wang dress. The green and mint of her bridesmaids were beautiful as the dresses all had different hues of green in them, with different lengths and fits. Beth cried as she walked down the aisle to her groom; they were so sweet and happy together. They even showed off their goofy side when Dave accidentally extended out the wrong hand for Beth to put his ring on! 

After the ceremony they relaxed and enjoyed the delicious mashed potato bar from Perfect Setting Catering during the cocktail hour. They did things their own way and their reception reflected that! As a wedding photographer it is great to see the day match the couple — their personalities, likes, and favorites. For example, the bride and groom surprised everyone (including me!) by sneaking up on the indoor balcony and throwing the garter and bouquet!

The Tribute House has gorgeous stone architecture, with well manicured lawns. The House is on the Main Line set back in a neighborhood giving it privacy for special events. The intimate atmosphere and bright colors brought the guests together to celebrate Beth and Dave’s commitment.

Congratulations to you both, I loved being a part of your day.

Best wishes,

Matt Bender

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