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Mimi and Joe Married at The Mill at Fine Creek in VA

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is seeing love and life come full circle. A few weeks ago I shot the wedding of a close friend of mine from college at George Washington University.

Mimi and I were close friends as undergraduates, and she attended mine and Rebecca’s wedding years ago. Mimi described Rebecca in one word as “genuine.” From that day on, I continued to see Rebecca the same way.

I was delighted to document Mimi’s wedding to her husband Joe in Powhatan, Virginia.

Mimi and Joe were blessed with spectacular weather on their wedding day at The Mill at Fine Creek. The gorgeous historic location featured mossy stone ruins, where the couple chose to hold their ceremony.

They included their sweet dog, which made the day even more their own.

During the reception, a pre-World War I Polish coin was passed onto Mimi and Joe through the family as a token to their long-lasting marriage. This special moment made the reception toasts especially touching.

Mimi and Joe, it was wonderful to see the two of you so happy and so genuinely in love. Thanks for having us there for your special day, and may there be many more happy days to come.

Joe G.

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