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Mollie & Bob, Old York Road CC, Spring House, PA

One of the great things about owning a professional photography studio like JPG is getting to reconnect with old friends through work. Shooting Mollie and Bob’s wedding at St. John Bosco Catholic Church in Warminster, PA was a great chance to catch up with my childhood friend and meet his new wife.

Bob and I grew up together in the same Philly neighborhood and played sports together in high school. He’s an awesome guy, so I knew that Mollie was going to be awesome, too. The month before Mollie and Bob’s wedding was crazy. They were married in the same month that they moved into a new house together while Bob was graduating from medical school. I’d have to call that the trifecta of stressors. Though throughout all of chaos, they did not freak out once.

Mollie and Bob were married at St. John Bosco Catholic Church where they attended grade school together. Bob’s dad acted as his best man and was humbled that Bob felt that close to him. It poured all day, so we spent some extra time at St. John Bosco for photos after the ceremony. Shooting at the Old York Road Country Club in Spring House, PA, became difficult with lots of set up going on, so Mollie gets extra credit for having a backup plan.

As a math teacher, it was fitting to have some of Mollie’s shots in a classroom. We took some cute pictures on desks and we put together one of the most fun wedding party shots I’ve ever done. Everyone was throwing paper airplanes, spitballs and crayons all in one picture!

One of the best moments of the day actually happened because of the rain. At one point when it was pouring so hard you couldn’t walk five feet without getting drenched, Mollie strolled out into the rain with an umbrella. Her happy-go-lucky personality wasn’t affected at all by the downpour.

Mollie and Bob, thanks for thinking of me and JPG Photography to photograph your wedding. It was great seeing some of the guys from the old neighborhood, catching up with you, Bob, and meeting Mollie, too. All the best in this new phase of your lives together.


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