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Monica and Adam at Crystal Springs Resort, NJ

A wedding is a celebration of all that’s meaningful between two people. Every once in awhile, we witness one so incredible that we can’t get it out of our heads. Monica and Adam’s day was one such wedding. Monica was breathtakingly radiant; Adam was so much fun (this Adam Levine is way cooler than the other Adam Levine), and the two are fantastic together.

The couple got ready in their rooms at the Crystal Springs Resort, where Monica’s friends and family couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was (we couldn’t blame them!). She was so moved that she began to cry every time someone told her how great she looked, so they decided to tell her she was ugly instead! The “insults” made her laugh while she finished her makeup and made for lots of funny moments.

Meanwhile, Adam waited alone in the open-air, sunlight-bathed kitchen of the resort. We brought Monica down for a first look, and both she and Adam fell into tears as they turned and saw each other. The overwhelming joy between them was contagious, and they shared the excitement with a wild high-speed golf cart race over the greens and neighboring farm.

Monica and Adam held their sunset ceremony outdoors at the resort, and everything was so lovely that Monica’s sister couldn’t stop crying. Unlike my family, however, who are all ugly criers, Monica’s family is full of beautiful criers. The ceremony itself was gorgeous, and they followed it with the Jewish tradition of breaking a glass for good luck.

Afterwards, everyone got out on the dance floor at their classy autumn-themed reception and we had some great shots of their wilder sides. The scenery and setup of this wedding’s location gave us so much to work with, and we’re glad we got to capture the most special moments.

Monica and Adam, your amazing wedding was a privilege to shoot. May you always recognize the beauty in the world, even if it makes you cry. Thanks for choosing JPG, we wish you the best!


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