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Britt & Brandon’s Autumn Morris Arboretum Wedding

I love when our clients become friends. Between the months of planning leading up to the big day, and then co-creating images that will last a lifetime, it’s common for us to bond. With Britt and Brandon, it was the other way around. We had known this beautiful couple for some time before they asked JPG Photography to be their wedding photographers. They were our neighbors, had walked our dogs, and we had built a great rapport with them. This only made me feel all the more connected to each moment and emotion during their gorgeous Morris Arboretum wedding.

Late October in an East Coast arboretum is nothing short of stunning. The leaves were turning, creating a beautiful setting, and the weather was still fairly warm. This idyllic Autumnal back drop set the scene for a touching first look, during which Brandon was able to make his bride crack up with an inside joke before turning around.

“Yes!” Brandon exclaimed with a fist pump, “I got her to laugh!”

This was the second round of major points Brandon earned, the first being a surprise gift of jewelry Britt opened as she was getting ready. The necklace and earring set was brought back from Afghanistan, where Brandon served in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Our thoughtful groom had one more trick up his sleeve for his bride: a lovely archway he had built with his own hands for them to get married under. After the first look, Brandon took Britt to see the archway,  which was another touching moment. It was official, this guy is a total keeper!

But Britt had a beautiful gift of her own, which I am really excited to share. She had commissioned me to write a poem about their relationship to be read at the ceremony and placed into the program. I was so honored by the request, and happily agreed to take on the project. I interviewed each of them separately, and was able to record their unique and personal perspectives on falling in love with each other. Hearing it read aloud at the ceremony was an especially beautiful experience for me.

After getting some epic night time shots of our couple in their one-of-a-kind archway, it was time to have some fun! Britt and Brandon are huge mummers fans, and stoked to have them come and play at the reception! The umbrellas, props, costumes, and music created a brilliantly fun and raucous scene. The night ended on a high note, with the guests bidding farewell to the couple with congratulatory flags waving in the air.

Britt and Brandon, your JPG family wishes you nothing but the best! To our readers, I would love to leave you with the poem I wrote for this dear couple. To see it, scroll past the gallery of photos. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Best, Bec


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The Wedding Walk

for Brittany & Brandon

by: Rebecca Gidjunis


Take a step. Call the woman who supplies plywood and provides

electricity for brigades and battalions. Take a step. Tell her you’re visiting

New York and pray that day she decides to visit her sister

in the same sprawling city that glitters at night. She will. Take a step.


Send him Tastycakes in Kabul, a small framed photo. Say, Here is a jar

for you to write distance, write dusty dirt roads and snow-covered mountains, eager puppies

pulling on leashes. Here is a jar for you to write the sunrise, tell it to me before it rises here.

Then at night, write the moon to light the dark part of my day. Take a step.


You are Smitty, the Mustache-asaurus Rex and you have come

to fall in love. Take a step. You are Sleeping Beauty, resting your head

in the crook of your arm. Take a step toward that conference call voice

behind the animation that dances like your own Disney film on the phone.


Take a step. Move across the country to be in her arms. In one hand

take hers. In another the leash of a German Shepherd. Take a second job

a second German Shepherd on a leash. Watch the city fly by in feathers

and fumes. Take photos of kids and ballparks and family vacations.


Take a step toward that bar of your memory, blur of curly blonde hair

you had only dreamed of in Afghanistan. You will never forget it like you will never

forget this moment. And if you could Tiger Woods-fist-pump the world right now

you would. Take a step toward Mexican breakfast every Sunday morning


and homemade gravy. A house where you can grill and watch the moon rise

as you tuck your kids in bed. Take a step when you walk down the aisle

because this walk long into the sunset is made of many steps. And when you

put one foot in front of the other the world grows smaller


and the moon, that bright white flash of hope, guides your way

makes things light, reminds you that the earth is always in orbit. Is always in love.

Take a step. Because you went halfway around the world to find each other

and you moved halfway across the country to be together.


And together starts today. With a step.

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