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Suzy and Kris’s Myrtle Beach Destination Wedding

Take a beach view, a QVC host, and a lot of belly dancing, and you may very well have the perfect summer wedding, at least that’s what Rebecca and I discovered at Suzy and Kris’ fabulous Myrtle Beach¬†destination wedding this June.

The bride and groom got ready at the elegant Grand Dunes Ocean Club, which was also where the ceremony and reception would be held. With sweeping balconies, complete with rocking chairs where guests could view the ocean, this location offered it all. Beach access was just a short walk away, and between short bouts of light rain, we were able to snag some fun shots of beautiful Suzy, her dress and veil blowing in the breeze.

The ceremony was held on the balcony, and Kris and Suzy exchanged heartfelt vows in front of family and friends. As they exited down the aisle, Kris surprised everyone by dipping Suzy in the middle of the aisle for one more dramatic kiss. We then headed outside for a few poolside pics with the newly married couple.

After the wedding, Suzy and Kris sent us a beautiful email, thanking us for our photography. One of the things they thanked us for in particular was not doing the “boring beach shots.” They wrote, “Interestingly enough, the beach is a place where photographers can get lazy. ‘Put the couple in front of the beach an wala’ perfect shot.’ But that’s not capturing the spirit of the day. You both were able to include our surroundings not as ‘easy backdrops’ for ‘perfect pictures’ but rather pictures showing us and our emotions while capturing the overall sense of location. Thank you for not doing the boring beach shots.” (We LOVE this! You truly get us, Suzy and Kris!)

To celebrate her Palestinian heritage, Suzy gave each woman and girl who attended her wedding her own belly dancing wrap to tie around her waist and let jingle when the dancing time arrived. And wow, was there dancing! From traditional Middle Eastern circle dances to contemporary American rock, the dance floor was almost never empty.

As night fell, we asked Suzy and Kris to climb up to the top floor of Grand Dunes so we could get a silhouette of them on the balcony. These two were always up for an adventure, especially if it led to an awesome picture.

In fact, in their post-wedding email to us, they expressed how important photography was to them and how grateful they were for JPG:

“You both need to know almost a week later and people are STILL raving about you both. But before I begin talking to you about your exceptional talents, I must first tell you about how incredible you are as people. While yes, people thought your photos were amazing, people followed it up by saying how incredibly wonderful you treated them. Everyone that interacted with you both said you respected them, were overly friendly and made their day even that much more enjoyable. And to hear my family tell me over and over about how nice and kind you were- well there is no price anyone can put on that. You treated my family like family. And that doesn’t just make you great wedding photographers it makes you great people and that is what matters most.”

If anything sums up why we do what we do, Suzy and Kris’ email does. We love being part of a family for a day. We love celebrating the amazing people who come together to cheer on marriage. In short, we love contributing to the love around us.

Thanks, Suzy and Kris, for being such a wonderful couple, not just to photograph, but to spend time with on your fabulous wedding day. May your love continue to be contagious to those around you.


Joe G.

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