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Nora & Steve’s Home Wedding, Montgomery County, PA

At JPG, we love seeing weddings with a lot of family involvement, and this couple had no shortage of it on their special day. It was a beautiful, spring afternoon at Nora and Steve’s home wedding.

The bride and groom began their day by getting ready in their beautiful home in Gladwyne, Montgomery, PA. The historic property, which the couple bought with the wedding in mind, was built over 200 years ago for the owner of a mill. They have spent the last few months making it look its best; even the night before their wedding, Steve was up late making last minute adjustments to their yard.

The couple’s kids acted as their bridal party. Their youngest daughter was a flower girl and had a bit of a hard time getting down the aisle. When it was her turn to walk, she started crying for her mommy, causing Steve to have to bring her to Nora. It was a really cute moment.

Among the guests at their wedding was former Eagles quarterback, AJ Feeley and wife Heather Mitts from the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. We captured a funny shot of AJ trying to learn how to tie a bowtie.

For wedding favors, Steve distilled his own 150 proof moonshine. What some may not know is that Steve replicated the brewing process for his daughter’s science fair, based on the show Moonshiners. After doing one batch, he decided to make enough for the whole guest list.

It was cool to see Nora and Steve balance their love for their kids with their love for each other on their big day. Nora and Steve had to go back and forth from being parents to focusing on each other and on top of that, hosting the entire party and managing the caterer. It was an impressive sight to behold and they pulled off a great day!

Thank you, Nora and Steve, for having us be part of your special day. We loved getting to know with you and your family and we wish you all the best in your lives together.

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