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Pet owners—we want to be your pupperazzi!

Here at JPG Photo & Video, we think of pets as family. So naturally, when you hire us to tell your story, we want to incorporate your feline and canine pals (and whatever other types of pets you may have!) as much as possible.

Whether you’ve recently made an addition to your family, gotten engaged, had a milestone life event, or just want us to capture some genuine moments with your wonderful pet, we would love to be the ones to be there to document that.

We are happy to accommodate you and your pets by having the shoot outside of or in your home, or at another location. For cats, we definitely recommend having them at your home unless they are in this new genre of ‘adventure cats!’

During your portrait session, we will capture lovely portraits of the animals themselves in addition to photographing them with you and how they fit into your family. We will try to blend in as much as possible in order to capture your pet’s true spirit in a combination of play and portrait shots. We are happy to document whatever activity you’d like with your pet during this one-hour shoot—rolling in the leaves, going for a walk, or just cozying up—we want this to be a special shoot for you and your pet(s). Personally, we love the in-between shots: unexpected licks, pups flying through the air after a ball, or just a nice little nudge from your kitty.

Spring is a great time to book your family shoot with your dog or cat (or whatever other pet you may have!), so please be in touch! We can’t wait for you and your furry friends to join our JPG family.

If you’re interested in booking a family session with your beloved pets, please give us a call during regular business hours at 267-297-5316, or shoot us an email at

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your family!

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