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Kata & Juan’s Philadelphia City Hall Courtroom Wedding

Weddings come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, and Philadelphia wedding photographers at JPG love them all. We will happily take on the 400-guest mega wedding as well as the small intimate courtroom wedding. We had the opportunity to document Kata and Juan’s Philadelphia City Hall courtroom wedding, where apart from the bride and groom, it was just us, three close friends and the judge. What an honor to be part of such an intimate event!

The 2-hour event was full of energetic moments which yielded photographic gold. We started at City Hall, where Kata and Juan awaited their turn to meet with the judge and exchange their vows. Once we were called into the judge’s chambers, the ceremony lasted about 5 minutes. As a photographer, I felt excited and challenged by the nature of this ceremony. With a court room wedding, there is no time or room for second chances. One needs to be quick on his or her feet and get the shots right the first time. Luckily, there was an instant trust and rapport like we all had been friends for years.

When there is trust between a photographer and clients, you can coax more powerful imagery out of the shoot. Kata and Juan were down for trying anything, which can be seen in the dynamic variety of images from their day. In Dilworth Plaza, we caught beautiful golden hour light bouncing between skyscrapers. Later, in the Love Park Christmas Village, we found a myriad of interesting details to work with among the vendors. Although it was a bustling atmosphere, we were able to catch quiet moments of the couple with the holiday vibrancy of the village as the setting. I couldn’t be happier with the images; They’re phenomenal.

Even though Kata and Juan’s wedding was somewhat out of the norm, it highlighted the qualities that JPG believes in: openness to the uniqueness of each and every event, fostering trust, creating dynamic imagery, and plain old having fun. Do you know anyone getting married that values these qualities, too? We would love to meet them. Thank you and best wishes to Kata and Juan!

Best, Joe G

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