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Philadelphia Magic Gardens with Ashley and Derek

Weddings can be a rockin’ good time, especially when couples like Ashley and Derek have theirs at one of our favorite places — the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. It’s a time when family and friends can come together, witness the matrimony of their favorite people, and enjoy the color and flair that truly represents the couple’s personality. And what better place to have it than one made entirely of mosaic art?!

This is my second wedding for JPG at the Magic Gardens (which you can read about here!), and I was so glad to be a part of it. This venue allows for couples to shine as the individuals they are by showing off their adventurous sides among pieces of broken glass, porcelain and other trinkets. Ashley and Derek took advantage of the venue’s many colors by matching their unique outfits to it. Ashley donned a pink, rosy dress, while Derek sported a brown, ’70s tuxedo with Chuck Taylors. Ashley described his color as “s**t brown,” but Derek corrected her and labeled it “baby s**t brown.” Colorful language to match their colorful selves!

After preparing at the Society Hill Sheraton, they took a cab to the Gardens for their big day. They have three dogs that couldn’t be at the ceremony, so they had the neat idea of taking their photos and mounting them on cardboard stands to place them at the ceremony. They also decided to drop the traditional wedding party idea, and had their family gather in the street in front of the gardens to walk in before them. It had everyone actively involved in their wedding, which was pretty cool! With tears in her eyes, and with fake dogs at their feet, the two were wed.

Their reception was as laid-back as they are, with many do-it-yourself ideas used. They had non-assigned seating for their guests, and they brought inflatable instruments and microphones. Their running theme seemed to be punk rock, and I was digging it the whole time. They both grooved on an inflatable guitar during a few of the songs and, as the drinks kept coming, they continued to rock on. Ashley even shadowboxed a friend and used some Karate Kid crane poses on the dance floor. They ended the night with delicious cake, topped with the initials DC/AC (a playful twist of AC/DC and their own initials). It was a wild time, and one that I’ll surely remember for a long time!

Congratulations to Ashley and Derek on their successful and entertaining wedding day! For those about to love, we salute you.


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