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Philadelphia Magic Gardens with Kate and Aaron

At JPG Photography, we love it when couples feel free to express their uniqueness and individuality through their wedding planning. That’s why I had so much fun at Kate and Aaron’s wedding at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, where the ceremony took place around art comprised entirely of recycled goods. Now this is innovation at its finest!

I think one of the things I liked most about this couple is their cooperation with family and friends. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the day can overwhelm a group, but not this time. Everyone lent a hand and helped Aaron as he coordinated where to place tables and umbrellas. Bottles of water and lemonade were put into a plastic tub to keep cool, and a paper “wedding tree” was drawn up for the guests to sign each leaf. Everything about this was so unique to Kate and Aaron’s tastes.

Kate and her girls got ready in the basement of the Magic Gardens, where she was giddy with excitement. I loved the room she prepared in,

because it was unlike any dressing room I’ve ever seen – we were surrounded by all kinds of creativity! The entire room was a giant mosaic, made of orange and reddish glass with the occasional painting collage. Taking her wedding prep photos in there made it that much more exciting. She made her way down the aisle to join the love of her life, while loved ones watched with smiles. It was pretty cool that the artist who designed the Magic Gardens, Isaiah Zagar, was there to witness the matrimony!

Their cocktail hour and reception was extremely laid back, which allowed for Kate and Aaron to become immersed amongst their family and friends. They had a sort of barbecue buffet set up, and had their food at tables without designated seating, so people could sit with those they were close to. I also liked that they had a money dance, where guests would drop a dollar into a plastic tub and start dancing with Kate on the floor (I haven’t seen this awesome tradition resurface in a while!). Their cake topper was also pretty sweet, as it had

Kate in a nurse’s outfit with flowers and Aaron with a motorbike and Steelers cap.

Thank you so much, Kate and Aaron, for allowing myself and JPG to be a part of your day. We hope that the gardens of your life are full of creativity, vibrance and, of course, magic!


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