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Philadelphia Weekly’s Shoutout to JPG

Philadelphia Weekly gave a shoutout to us this week by featuring the work of two JPG photographers, Dave Tavani and Joe Gidjunis, to promote the Same Sex Wedding Expo that took Sunday, January 25, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Previously, I found out that Philly Weekly and Philly Now would be writing a piece on same-sex couples and decided to encourage previous clients of ours to submit their stories. Steve and Joe told the story about how their wedding made history. They were the first to receive a marriage license in Philadelphia, but decided not to rush to wed, instead, they planned for a fall wedding with friends and family. They walked down the historic aisle at Christ Church where Benjamin Franklin was once part of the congregation and then went to the Lowes Hotel where they celebrated under the setting sun.

Writer Steven H. Segal  also showcased a photo of Tom and Elliot cutting the cake at the Top of the Tower in Center City as well as Steve and Joe’s stroll through Old City Philadelphia.

Since being legalized, Philadelphia has become a hotspot for LGBTQ weddings and JPG is proud to be a part of the city’s blossoming legacy of equality. We are honored to document all of the stories that come through our door. Will yours be next?




Philly Weekly Storyboard

Photographers on this Shoot

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