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Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Artist Isaiah Zagar, created one of South Street’s most eye catching icons: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens– JPG’s second blog post in our series of favorite photography locations. This maze of mosaic is in my opinion one of the most creative modern works of our time. It is comprised of tiles by the thousands, colored glass pieces, mirrors and what would seem like junk had it been left untouched. Every time I revisit PMG I discover something new. There are hundreds of nooks and crannies, where our couples can get close for a romantic kiss, and with every turn of the corner more color arises. Because PMG is partially outdoors the sun plays off of various reflective surfaces allowing for wonderful lighting for our photos.

Perhaps the greatest perk of the Magic Gardens is the special preferred vendor discount, available to JPG clients. They love us enough to let us in at a 10% discount. It’s good to know people.

Most of our JPG packages include a pre-wedding engagement shoot and this labyrinth of light prisms is great pick for one. PMG is also available to reserve for events and weddings! How many people can say that they married in a giant sculpture? We’ve even done senior portraits here. The possibilities are numerous!


Joe G.

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