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Photographer Spotlight: Adam Nettleton!

At JPG, we take pride in our team of fantastic photographers. I’ve got a supremely talented bunch! They work well together and know how to bring out the best in each other. Every once in awhile, we’ll feature a JPG photographer with a brief interview about his or her style and favorite shots. This month, get to know Adam Nettleton.

Adam, what’s your favorite part of shooting weddings?
My favorite part of shooting weddings is being able to tell couple’s stories. Every wedding is different, and I try to find those differences and highlight them. My other favorite part of weddings is meeting interesting, smart people. I have met quite a few characters in my wedding career.


What kind of couple is perfect for you?
The couple who is perfect for me is a couple who doesn’t sweat the small stuff. They just go with the flow and have a fun wedding day. Also, by my nature I tend to be a little sarcastic, and I like to joke around with them to keep the mood light and enjoyable. They also know how to make each other laugh. I love it when couples just know how to smile and chuckle at each other.


What signature shot do you always try to get at a wedding?
The signature shot that I always try to get at a wedding is a sunset shot, or if the sunset isn’t available, a nice silhouette shot of the couple. My other signature shot is the ring shot. I always try to find something that incorporates the specific wedding in the ring shot. It could be seasonal or something as simple as a pattern or color that the couple has used.

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What part of a wedding always gets to your emotions, or even makes you cry?
A heartfelt speech can really get the emotions stirring. Also, little personal touches. For example, at one wedding I photographed, during the bride/father dance the DJ started playing a song. Unbeknownst to the bride, her father had recorded himself singing the song. She didn’t realize it until she said to her father, “Daddy, sing this to me” and he replied, “Honey, I already am.” It was just waterworks for the rest of the song.

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If Adam sounds like he might be your kind of guy, consider booking him for your wedding or corporate event!

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