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We Want YOU to Pick Gustavo as Your Primary Photographer

We love Gustavo! What a handsome bastard…and we’re not referring to the Gidjuni dog, Gus (although he’s pretty cute too).

After thousands of photography hours and over a year of experience with us, we have a new senior associate at JPG. Gustavo has been with us since 2011 and is now a favorite primary photographer of ours. Gus majored in printmaking at Temple University, and after studying abroad in Italy, he was looking for art-related work. Immediately, we recognized the incredible eye, work ethic, and maturity in this young photographer and invited him to join the team.

Since then, Gustavo has shot a ton of weddings, engagements, family portraits, galas, and corporate events. He has the talent, and vision to personally make any day fantastic, and clients often rave to us afterward about his warm personality and professionalism.

But Gustavo doesn’t just stop with photography; he also excels in many other artistic endeavors. He worked his way to Master Printer at the Brandywine Workshop in South Philly — an incredible honor at this 40+ year old community-based nonprofit — where he engages with other artists to convey ideas on paper through printmaking. He also teaches workshops on drawing at the Tyler School of Art, helping students enhance their skills.

Gustavo’s artistic eye and passions lead to a documentary for The Brandywine Workshop in January of last year that he edited and directed. It debuted at the International House of Philadelphia where it explored the history of Philly’s art culture. Being able to creatively interview gallery owners and curators, capture artists through the camera’s lens and edit the project like a pro is a set of difficult tasks, but the documentary got amazing reviews. There were over 200 in attendance of the screening, we could not have been more proud of him!

Gus fits in so well here with our staff and is passionate about our storytelling philosophy. We can’t recommend him enough! Between his talent, the ability to multitask, an artist’s eye and a compassionate heart, we hope you’ll consider Gustavo for your next wedding, portrait session, or corporate event.


Joe G.



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