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Priscilla & John’s Zimbabwean Soiree at Celebrations

The story of Priscilla and John begins before the pair even met one another. John’s mother met Priscilla first and was struck by the instinct that the young woman would become her daughter-in-law just moments after their introduction. Upon speaking to her son, she told John she had met his future wife. Years later, they stood at the altar to wed.

After getting ready at the hotel, the couple opted to have a first touch instead of a first look. John wanted to save the first time he saw his bride that day for the moment she walked down the aisle.

Priscilla and John had one of the more touching ceremonies I have ever attended. Guests flew all the way from Zimbabwe just to bear witness to the couple’s declaration of love, and the families were thrilled come together. The bride and groom’s parents prayed over Priscilla and John’s marriage alongside the pastor at the altar; praying that their son and daughter would have a happy and fruitful life together.

The emotional and spiritual celebration continued at the reception at Celebrations where it was clear the Priscilla and John would continue to keep family close throughout their marriage. The couple’s parents were presented with cakes as gifts and guests were given beautifully beaded wire animals to mark the occasion. Every guest had a smile on their face and were genuinely happy to be there.

John, your mother was right. Keep each other and your families close throughout your lives together. It was an honor to document your story.


Joe G.


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