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Caitlin and Harleen’s Quaker Ceremony

After the fantastic Sikh wedding the day before, it was great to see Caitlin’s traditions shine through in her Quaker ceremony.

Caitlin and Harleen got ready for the Quaker ceremony at Friends Meeting of Washington. The ceremony began in silence as sunlight poured through the windows. Guests sitting in traditional wooden pews faced the couple from all directions. Caitlin and Harleen held hands, closed their eyes, and just enjoyed the quiet moments together. When they were ready, they broke the silence to speak their love to one another and then invite others to share what was on their hearts.

Family and friends, one by one, shared touching memories or stories about the couple. It was so beautiful to see the love between families emerge, and to know how long and how deeply Caitlin and Harleen have been cared for. We took some photos outside on the Meeting House grounds, and then headed to Saint Francis Hall for some great couple pics as well.

The reception was a fabulous mix of American and Indian music. We chowed down on the delicious Indian buffet, catered by Bollywood Bistro, and had a great time celebrating with both families.

What an awesome example of unity these marriage ceremonies provided! We had a  great time celebrating, in so many different and new-to-us ways, the love of this fantastic couple.


Joe G.

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