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Katie and Doug get Married at the Radnor Hotel

April was the month of seeing past friends and clients, two weeks before Katie and Doug’s wedding we saw Megan and Jon, then saw them again for Katie and Doug. Cue music, “It’s a Small World After AlI” we met Katie at her brother’s wedding in the British Virgin Islands (where I also met Megan and Jon). Doug is a cop not to mess with, so he couldn’t be there, but we met him later when they asked us to document their wedding. Very small world!

Their first look was special as Doug got emotional when he saw Katie and how beautiful she looked. For their portraits we travelled to Eastern University in Wayne and ran into people playing volleyball in a sand pit. One of our interns goes to school there and said it didn’t surprise her how welcoming everyone was there. We threw the students in there, too, and had crazy shots of Katie and Doug jumping for the ball together. Nothing like your wedding day to do some exercise! The shots were so different from any others and it was just really fun. We also explored Walton Pond and got some great shots with the old stone architecture. The school used to be an estate, and so the stone paths and buildings were classic.

One of the funniest and most unique ceremony moments was by far when Doug brought a billy club and handcuffs as props! After they said their ‘I do’s’ he threw handcuffs on Katie as they walked out!

During the reception at the Radnor Hotel Katie and her dad showed off a choreographed dance they had practiced, and her brother Nick made a tremendous slideshow of the two of them. It must have been twenty minutes long, but I could have watched 20 minutes more! It really brought the families together. Often times slideshows disrupt the flow and energy of the reception, but theirs was so well done it ended up being a great break. Kudos Nick!

Katie is one of five, and the only girl! Her mom decided to mess with her and surprised her with a T-shirt reading ‘Mom Loves Me Best.’ But then her brothers all popped onto the danced floor with the same shirt, making for some big laughs from everyone.

The family is very musical; one of her brother’s sang a solo with his guitar, and her dad sang in an acapella quartet!  The day never had a dull moment, and I loved being apart of this fantastic wedding!

Congratulations, and thank you for letting us be apart of your day!


Joe G.

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