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Kate and Andrew’s Rainy Day at Reid Castle

Kate and Andy were truly an amazing couple in good spirits in the midst of bad weather! The first time I spoke with them, a year and a half before their wedding, they promised me it would rain on their wedding day. They told me they had many rainy days in their past and so they fully expected more to happen on their wedding day. I laughed, saying, “I’m sure you’ll get a ton of sun!”

Then, just two days before their engagement photos, the weather forecast was perfect…but those lying meteorologists, the day of, it poured!! Then the week of the wedding, the weather was forecasted again to be gorgeous. And just as they predicted, it POURS! Fortunately, Kate had a trusty red umbrella adding some needed color in a dreary situation. Some couples might not be able to handle the repeated torrential weather, but Kate and Andy took it like a pro.

Their wedding at the Reid Castle in New York exuded a modern classic with rich architecture and woodwork everywhere. The laughter from family and friends was infectious throughout the reception, and Kate and Andy’s music was phenomenal! The last song was “Rough Riders” and hearing 50 people harmonize DMX was definitely a first for JPG.

It was fantastic to be with a couple who didn’t let things they couldn’t control bother them. Finding special places to take pictures of you both made the day a breeze! Thank you, and congratulations to you both!


Joe G.

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