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Rupal & Sumit’s Springfield Country Club Indian Wedding

One of my most memorable trips was to India, a country oozing history and beauty. I get great joy anytime I can relive parts of that trip, and nothing brings me closer than a fabulous Indian Wedding.  Rupal and Sumit pushed me to break new records with their stupendous 17-hour day at theSpringfield Country Club in Delaware County. Easily the longest and among the most vibrant events I’ve ever shot, Rupal and Sumit brought together culture, color, and 400 guests to mark their first day as husband and wife.

Speaking of wife, I must start by giving mine a big thank you for her support, and for getting up at 5 a.m. to make sure I was fueled for the day with a hot breakfast and coffee. With a 6 AM start time, I definitely needed it! I began the day with the lovely Rupal and her 11 bridesmaids as they got ready together in gorgeous and elegant attire. Our fabulous bride was adorned in henna, jewels, and rich fabrics. “Stunning” doesn’t quite cut it as a description; Royalty is more like it.

The queen met her king on the golf course for a beautiful first look at 7:30 AM. Despite a drizzle, the pair were radiant. Along with this day being the longest wedding I’ve ever shot, it was also the most varied in weather with rain in the morning and sundripped fairways in the evening. We began our day with the first look, a popular modern day American practice. Soon after, the wedding delved into rich and historic Southeast Asian culture, and more memorable moments than I could count.

The ceremony was filled with symbolism and traditions ranging from processions and feeding elders to washing feet and playing games. People in bright attire were coming and going, getting involved by giving gifts, eating food and whispering wisdom into their ears. The bustling atmosphere was energized and alive, and at every moment I was surrounded by a whirlwind of colors, fabrics, aromas, and various languages. It was amazing. As tradition dictates, the bride and groom were temporarily whisked away after the ceremony in grand style, riding away for the short trip in a gorgeous 1952 Bentley.

This is where the west came back to meet the east: with a huge dance party! The couple came back wearing a stylish black gown and tux, and were met with jovial guests and choreographed Bollywood-style dances by each side of the family. There was even a couple of good roasts, especially of Sumit and the amount of hair spray he uses. The high spirits of everyone who attended were contagious, and we’re so happy they chose us to be in their lives during this momentous day.

Thank you, Rupal and Sumit, for sharing your awe-inspiring day with the JPG Photography team. We truly enjoyed every moment. Best of luck and congratulations!

Best, Joe

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