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Samantha and Trey’s Whitemarsh Valley Wedding

With so many important people at every wedding, it’s hard to forge a relationship with everyone in a short timespan. Some people, you just click. Others, you don’t. And then there are those crazy family members who you just want to plant yourself near because you can’t believe the stories coming out of their mouths.

Sam and Trey are in Texas, now, but with her family from the area, the wedding was in her hometown. We didn’t meet until their rehearsal dinner, but not only did we click, some of the stories on both sides were ones that bring the entire room to its knees in laughter. I love covering rehearsal dinners because, the next day is 10 Times easier on me and my team because the trust and rapport already exists. And the photos get that much better.

I was with Samantha as she got ready, where I saw an unusual arrangement of legs in the same bridesmaids shorts that caught me eye. (Insert joke here!)

Seriously though, it says a lot about the comfort and camaraderie that isn’t always present during what could be a stressful moment. Meanwhile her father was studying and preparing his toast for the reception, which was sweet to capture. Him putting that much time and thought into the practice and revision, made for a terrific addition to the day. And her mother was an asset for the relaxation of the room, giving her daughter comfort with funny faces and laughs. And I could see where Samantha gets it from, as she never had a shortage of her own facial expressions.

When they got to the Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, they were given golf carts to drive around the course like loonies. Golfers congratulated them as they passed by at the speed of light — or as fast as a golf cart with a bid wedding dress can go. Whitemarsh Valley Country Club was already a second family home for Samantha, as she spent many of her big life events there, and a tree on the grounds was in honor of her grandfather. It was touching seeing them in a familiar and loving environment.

The party really started when family and friends jumped up on the dance floor. They grooved and moved along with the DJ and the band. And, they sipped down on some sweet Lemonade, the official drink on a hot summer’s day. They capped off the night with a bouquet toss, which ended up stuck in the chandelier (but don’t worry, we got some great shots of them getting it down!)

Congratulations to Samantha and Trey on an absolutely beautiful wedding day. And always remember to turn life’s lemons into delicious lemonade.

Joe G.

Shout-outs to some great vendors: The Insiders Band (band), Make Me Glam (makeup), Mori Lee (bridal dress), Watters (bridesmaids dresses), US Angels (flower girls dresses), Jos. A Banks (tuxedoes), Bee’s Sweet Shoppe (wedding cake), Night Kitchen Bakery (groom’s cake)


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