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Sarina & Josh’s Michener Museum Wedding

When your day begins with the Karate Kid, everything that follows is bound to be quite an emotional event. Sarina and Josh’s Day began at a small bed and breakfast in Doylestown where the women went through hair and makeup and the men calmed their nerves with a viewing of Mr. Miagi’s greatest work. The pair then exchanged touching notes just before they had their first look at one another as bride and groom. Until that moment, Sarina’s father never left her side—holding fast to the last moments before his daughter would become Josh’s wife.

From there, we went to the Michener Art Museum where the couple signed the Ketubah for both of their families to witness before their ceremony among the many works of art the museum displayed at the venue. Both the ceremony and the reception were forced to move indoors, but that was not apparent by the way Sarina, Josh, and their guests partied well into the night. Everyone was on their feet for dancing several songs at a time against the beautifully lit brick walls. We were even able capture a few portraits playing with the light design at the end of the night.

Sarah and Josh, we were glad to see that the spirit of your day didn’t get rained out by the bad weather, but rather that you decided to make the very best of your day side-by-side with the one who loves you the most.

We were honored to document your wedding.



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