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Sashay the rain away at Union Trust with Alicia & Fritz

It’s not easy having your wedding in the rain. But it’s important not to let it steal all the fun. Before the great Union Trust wedding began, Alicia & Fritz started the festivities at one of my favorite hotels in the city, the Hotel Monaco, part of the Kimpton chain. Now Alicia is a pro on looking fabulous, as she is a former member of the New York Jets Flight Crew, the professional football team’s cheerleading squad. Alicia was not afraid to show off her calves and arms, as she is a strong, toned woman I wouldn’t want to mess with.

While her and the girls are having a blast, my teammate, Matthew B, is hanging with the guys who might be having even more fun. As the whisky bottle slowly gets lighter and lighter, the difficulty increases for the bow ties to be straighter and tighter. Fortunately, we photographers at JPG have a solid foundation in wedding etiquette and Matt stepped in to assist.

My favorite moment of the day has to be their first look. While we planned a beautiful outdoor meeting, the heavy downpour soured that plan. Fortunately, Monaco has a killer top floor bar and outdoor area the hotel allowed us to commandeer. After spending time with Alicia and Fritz in Manhattan for a great NYC engagement shoot that summer, I knew they were fun, but I didn’t expect Fritz to tear. But when Alicia tapped his shoulder, he turned into a giant teddy bear full of emotion after seeing how beautiful Alicia looked in her dress. It is a photojournalist’s dream to capture this connection between two people in love.

I also have to thank Alicia for trusting me because the next part of the day required a sense of adventure. She knew her hair was extremely sensitive to water and moisture, and even tiny amounts could ruin it. But this is why we here at JPG build a trust and rapport — and carry a giant hurricane-tested umbrella! I convinced everyone to help Alicia and Fritz outside along Independence Mall and Chestnut Street to take a few photos in the rain. They’re beautiful, and it’s another example of our awesome couples taking charge and making the most out of their day. After that, we utilized the awesome upstairs space inside the Red Owl Tavern, located in the perfect spot, across from Independence Hall.

Then the ceremony and reception inside the architecturally fabulous Union Trust was expertly attended to by the Finley Catering staff. The colors and columns and lights added to the energy and craziness of Alicia & Fritz’s family and friends. From descending a beautiful staircase, to a twirl before the couple kicked off the reception, the two of them celebrated in style. One of my favorite portraits involved some patience and helpful assistance from Matthew B. I stood two levels below as Alicia articulated her body in front of the giant picture window inside the venue. It’s epic!

Thanks guys, and congratulations! We were honored to be part of the festivities!

Best, Joe G




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