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Same- Sex Marriage for New Jersey!

My home state, New Jersey has experienced its share of misfortune in the past year and a half. As if Hurricane Sandy did not cause enough damage to our shore, the recent  fire at Seaside Boardwalk was the lemon juice in the wound. In spite of the destruction New Jersey did what it said it would do: rebuild. Once again New Jersey finds itself in the center of national conversation as it is state #14 to legalize same-sex marriage.

I was sitting here in the JPG studio when I saw that that New Jersey had legalized gay marriage. At first I read over a few articles disbelievingly but soon whatever doubt I had was replaced by emotions of joy, pride, excitement and gratitude. I thought of family members, and all of the incredible friends that I have made in my lifetime who are part of the LGBTQ community. I thought of our wonderful JPG couples who have allowed us to be part of history with them as they show the world that they deserve equality.

Even though I call Pennsylvania my home now, New Jersey is an important part of my identity, my history. On behalf of the JPG Photography staff, we are proud of New Jersey’s efforts to recognize all people as equal. We look forward to new opportunities to meet same-sex couples in New Jersey on their future wedding days. As cliche’ as it may be, this only proves again that “Jersey Strong” lives on.

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