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Wedding Shark Kiss Goes Viral from Adventure Aquarium

Holy shark! One of our wedding photos from the Camden Adventure Aquarium recently popped up on Reddit and Imgur as the most popular site image of the day, and within 24 hours had 1.5 million views!

Four years ago I shot a wedding at the aquarium for Jordan and Mike. We got some awesome photos with aquatic life, and the second I saw that shark tunnel, I knew we had to do something, but I never imagined it would go viral. Fast forward to Jordan and Mike’s four year wedding anniversary (July 30th), when their shark wedding kiss photo popped up online and received hundreds of comments, likes, and reviews.

Some of our fav comments included diagrams on the plausibility of such a shot, while some just laughed at the situation. Someone even went as far as to create an online diagram to test out if the reflections prove it to be a true photo (which you can see below our photos)! “Maybe the shark IS the groom…if he’s a banker!” and people questioning if the bride kissing the shark counted as cheating. Jordan even responded: “You people are hilarious! This is not photoshopped. My husband is not a banker. I am not a whore.” HA!

A few nights ago I received an email congratulating me on my shark shot, but because I hadn’t heard of Imgur, I thought it was spam and deleted it. But then the Huffington Post contacted me and it all became real. As I told the reporter, the shot required luck and patience. I think our curious shark friend just wondered what all the flashing light was about, and came over to congratulate the newlyweds with a lil smooch. We aren’t sure who posted the pic, but are thankful for it, especially as we are up for Philly’s Best Wedding Photographer. We got a quote from the shark, saying, “If I had an email account, I’d vote for JPG Photography on the PHL Hot List!”

He knows what’s up.

Part of the reason this photo became popular so quickly is because of SyFy’s recent premier of Sharknado 2: The Second One. Now, I had never heard of it, but our intern Molly is a hardcore fan and is combining her love for JPG and Sharknado by writing her own post about it, so check that out, too. I watched HP’s two minute recap of it, I finally understand that it’s AMAZING. If you don’t know what a sharknado is, no worries. It’s simply a tornado that sucks up thousands of sharks within them that land on and eat people. Obviously.

But love is love folks, and although there isn’t a movie made about Jordan and Mike’s sharp toothed shot, our photo is at least actually real, unlike tornadoes made of sharks. I’ll still keep my chainsaw oiled and ready, just in case.


Joe G.


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