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Angie and Steve’s Greek Orthodox Wedding at South Gate Manor

One of the stories I kept hearing on this amazing day with Angie and Steve was how none of us would be there if not for the skills of some talented Philadelphia doctor’s and Angie’s mother’s determination.

When Angie was an infant she fell into the family pool and when her parents realized it she was taken to a hospital near where they lived in north Jersey. The local doctor’s said they didn’t think she would be worth saving due to the brain damage she received from the water. When her parents heard that they refused to believe it and had her med-evaced to CHOP. The doctor’s saved her and you would have no clue she was pronounced basically dead two decades ago.

The memory of Angie’s near death made the evening more of a celebration as her family remembered how they almost lost her, but instead were at her tremendous wedding!

Both families are Greek Orthodox and it was beautiful to see all of their traditions come together with the families. The priests at the Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church were wonderful and the ceremony was visually as well as spiritually impressive. We are huge fans of Greek Orthodox weddings because priests tell you that as long as you don’t break anything expensive you can go wherever you want. The freedom to move around the couple so freely allows for creative and unique photos, and is invigorating. No offense to our Catholic church partners, but it is nice to be trusted to respect a ceremony while also documenting it well. We give Angie and Steve props for having the strength and fortitude necessary to hold candles dripping hot wax onto their fingers during the crowning of the couple. It wasn’t just Angie’s beauty and Steve’s handsome looks that were heating up the ceremony, ayo!

After the ceremony we went into downtown Freehold to a new location — a sneaker shop! One of their friends owns the place and we went in to find the most crazy ass and colorful sneakers to put on. The portraits were so fun and their sense of adventure allowed us to do something different that definitely won’t be repeated.

This reception will go down in JPG infamy because they literally made it rain at the South Gate Manor. Fiddie’s, hunned’s… kidding, but, dollar bills, five’s, ten’s, and the occasional twenty were thrown in the air every minute! Imagine a club where the Kardashian’s party at but fill it with 275 Greek Orthodox family members coming in and throwing money. Amazing! The staff on 3 separate occasions had to use push brooms and garbage bags to rake up the cash. Seriously, I needed to know about this when I got married. One person who shall remain nameless brought $2000 in singles to throw. I literally will never be able to look at a dollar dance the same way again.

You welcomed us with open arms and we are so grateful to know you guys from Philly to NJ. Angie and Steve you are truly blessed with wonderful families and we are ecstatic for you guys.


Joe G.



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