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Steph & Jeremy at the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center

One piece of advice that brides and grooms seem to get on their wedding day is, “Relax and just enjoy it.” Of course, this is easier said than done: there’s a lot to worry about! But easy-going Steph and Jeremy, at their Fairmount Park Horticultural Society wedding, made it look like a piece of cake…delicious wedding cake, that is.

At the ceremony, where Steph’s mom performed with her vocal choir. It was so touching and personal for her to be able to sing in the wedding, and we could see that it meant a lot to Steph, so it was a perfect moment for us to capture.

Afterwards, Steph and Jeremy had been excited to take pictures at Philly’s LOVE Park (in fact, Jeremy had his heart set on it), but it was raining. Luckily, JPG photographers are willing to work in all kinds of weather, and this couple was up for anything. So we just found a giant umbrella and went on our way!

Since Steph and Jeremy chose to have both their ceremony and reception at the same location, they could spend less time traveling and more time getting sweet photos and talking with their guests.

Having the extra time to hang out with the people they love seemed to put both Steph and Jeremy at ease–just the mood they need to get ready for the wild and crazy all-ages dancing and the Photo Booth mayhem that ensued as the party went on!

Steph and Jeremy, thanks for choosing JPG Photography for your fantastic wedding day. We wish you the best as you begin your lives together, and we hope you’ll always remember to relax and enjoy the ride!


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