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Sarah and Phil’s Stone House at Stirling Ridge Celebration

Give Sarah and Phil a song with a solid beat, and 20 seconds of floor time- you’ll feel like you have a front row ticket to Dancing with the Stars. We were first wowed by them at the wedding of another JPG couple, Lauren and Doug at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ. It is fun seeing such a small world when JPG’s network of couples and clients weave and grow.

The venue, Stone House at Stirling Ridge , a combination of rustic and modern flare showcased autumn in it’s prime, with stunning landscaping, stone work, and fire pits! Sarah and Phil’s sense of adventure was high and we snatched the opportunity to explore the grounds, leading us down dirt paths in search of perfect beams of light between the colorful leaves. Later, they embraced inside a 25 foot wine tower as I dangled off a wobbly ladder. (Have I told you all how much I hate shooting from heights?)

 Two of the best moments of the day came during the reception. The first was a slide show compiled of photographs that told the story of their lives, and eventually their love (including some of JPGs!). Baby pictures, toothless smiles, graduation days received lots of tears and cheers from guests.

At the end of the night a bunch of Phil’s family members cleverly designed “Phil-masks” acting out embarrassing moments from his life. As the groom was roasted, I bet Sarah fell in love with him a little bit more. Sarah and Phil you are amazing people! May your contagious joy grow stronger all the time!


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