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Sue & Bill at Annunciation GOC and Cairnwood Estate

At JPG, we’re a little unconventional (if you couldn’t tell!). Many of our couples choose us for this very reason: we’re photojournalists, and we want to tell your story as you experience it. At Sue and Bill’s wedding at Annunciation GOC in Elkins Park, PA and Cairnwood Estate in Bryn Athyn, we found ourselves in photographer bliss with a couple and venues so encouraging of our style.

Over the years, we’ve learned to love Greek Orthodox weddings. Why, you ask? Well, because they love us! For some reason we’ve found GOC Priests to be exceptionally encouraging of professional photographers, and they’re always willing to let us get us up close and personal during the ceremony for some fantastic shots.

During the Crowning Ceremony, which is traditional in Orthodox weddings, we caught the sweetest glance between Sue and Bill. If I hadn’t been able to get so close, I never could have captured that moment.

Later, we took advantage of the beautiful grounds outside for fabulous wedding party photos. Even though it was chilly, the rain of the previous weeks had left everything bright green and the elaborate architecture was a gorgeous backdrop, so everyone was willing to seize the opportunity.

Sue and Bill’s party spot, Cairnwood Estate, is an old mansion converted to a giant reception space. With its many rooms and grand staircases, it has a classic feel; a little more Downton Abbey and a bit less Jersey Shore.

We had a fabulous time, and so did everyone else! Sue and Bill, thanks for choosing JPG and embracing our style as you embrace your new lives together.

Joe G.

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