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Katie and Nick in Paradise: The British Virgin Islands

Joe and I love to travel, so destination weddings are some of our favorite events. We arrived at Tortola, the largest island in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to the welcome of rum drinks and fun chatty friends of Katie and Nick, with whom we shared a ferry and a taxi. BVI is a collection of beautiful islands, and a lot of the land is protected and undeveloped, making for some incredible scenery.

For destination weddings, we like to be there for multiple events over several days and really become part of the family. This definitely happened with Katie and Nick. After the welcome barbecue and wedding day festivities at Long Bay Beach Resort , and a snorkeling trip the next day, we found ourselves making new friends and having a ball. Their rehearsal dinner was held at what would be one of our favorite restaurants on the island — Bananakeet, where we snagged some great pics of Katie, Nick, their family, and their friends as the sun set in the background.

On the morning of their wedding day, Katie and Nick had a private ceremony to make their union BVI-official, and they decided to do so in their bathing suits on the beach — a definite Katie-Nick touch. Then, the ceremony with family and friends was held just before dusk on the beach, this time in full wedding garb. Joe managed an epic secret agent move by having one of the resort employees drive him halfway up a mountain so that he could grab an overall shot of the wedding. He was back in the blink of an eye and got an incredible sweeping photo of the festivities.

Then the rest of the night was an incredible party. The reception began outside, and one of the surprises of the night was the arrival of Moko Jumbie Stilt Walkers  dressed in brightly-colored clothing and towering high above our heads. Then, the skies opened up and it began to rain, but no one seemed to care. The dance party continued — nothing could stop this group!The next day, Joe broke out his underwater camera housing for a super-fun snorkeling trip to Norman Island, which is largely uninhabited. We snorkeled along the edges, seeing some beautiful fish and coral and capturing the whole thing, even beneath the surface of the water.

All in all, Katie and Nick’s crew believed in sticking together and having a blast. We were thrilled to be part of their family for a few days and wish them a lifetime of eating, drinking, and dancing in the rain. May you guys always be surrounded by your awesome group of family and friends.

Bec G.


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