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Tir Na Nog with our Winning Contest Couple!

Immediately upon reading Erin’s entry to our “How I Met My Other Contest”, detailing a star-crossed St. Patty’s Day, I knew that an engagement shoot with her and her love Brian would have JPG Photography written all over it. I was so excited when our team voted them the winners! Kate and I were invited to meet Erin and Brian at the place where they first met, Tir Na Nog, an authentic Irish pub here in Philly and a perfect setting for their engagement shoot. For a moment, Brian’s brogue, the decor of the pub, and their matching Jeff caps, made me believe I had stumbled into the Emerald Isle for real. They recounted for us their story of how Brian put his hand in Erin’s hair and said that “it felt like putting your hand in a warm glove.” We had such a great time with this awesome couple and wished we had more time to hang out. We’ll have to grab that pint soon!




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