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Toni & Gary’s Classy Raquet Club Wedding

It’s not every day that you get to be the photographer, bridal party, and guests at a wedding, but keeping it small and private was exactly what newlyweds Toni and Gary were going for, and the JPG wedding photography team was happy to oblige! Because Toni and Gary’s Racquet Club wedding was so intimate, we felt like we were given an exclusive glimpse into their lives, which in turn bonded us all the more. We started the day as clients and photographers, and left as friends.

Everything about Toni and Gary’s day was filled with an element of class and style. The couple got ready at The Rittenhouse Hotel, which is posh, luxurious, and fabulous itself, but when our couple stepped out of its doors, the real treat was awaiting them. The couple rode in high-fashion in a Panther Deville-hybrid, most notably recognizable as the Cruella De Vil car from 101 Dalmatians. It was so much fun to watch the reactions pop up from the public as the couple cruised around town. People smiled, cheered, and waved when they saw Toni and Gary, who looked like royalty.

Unfortunately, no dalmatian puppies could make it, but we did get some shots with a special goat statue that Toni and Gary are particularly drawn to in Rittenhouse Square. As avid fans of goats and goat races, this was a fun series of images to capture for the couple. One little girl who loved the statue as much as we did agreed to step out of the frame only if she could get a photo taken with the beautiful bride.

Chic elegance continued at the ceremony, which took place in a posh room at the Racquet Club. We were happy to see Colleen McDermott of Marry Me Philadelphia, whom we’ve worked with several times before, as Toni and Gary’s officiant. She helped our couple tie the knot amidst classic paintings, rich red walls, and swanky furniture. It’s impossible to look at these images and not see Toni and Gary’s good taste and style shining through.

We ended the day with an outstanding meal at Butcher and Singer, which as stated on its website is “reminiscent of a bygone era when women donned full red lips, men wore a suit and tie and post-Prohibition liquor flowed freely.”  Gustavo and I took some photos and then sat with Toni and Gary as friends celebrating the day. Weddings can be quite busy and hectic, so to be able to sit with our couple, connect, and share their milestone over amazing cuisine was deeply rewarding.

Thank you, Toni and Gary, for sharing your private event, good humor, and sophisticated swagger with us. We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your friends and family in Texas!

Best, Stacey


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