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A Utah Union: Experiencing a Mormon Wedding

This past summer, Bec and I had the awesome new experience of photographing a Mormon wedding in Salt Lake City Utah. We were hired for a four day trip that took us from Pennsylvania, to Colorado, and finally to Utah. The bride and groom, Sam and Mitt, married at the Salt Lake Temple,  the most iconic place of worship for people of the Mormon faith. There was an element of irony to begin with for this couple, as the groom shares his name with perhaps the most famous Mormon in the country — Mitt Romney. We loved this wedding because it included many “firsts” for us and was a total adventure.

Sam and Mitt hired us to travel with them because they wanted their photographer to really get a sense of who they are. This kind of thing is exactly what we get excited about. We love to fly and we feel that the more time we spend with our couples, the more effective our product will be. We learn what they love, which translates into our work. Sam and Mitt’s decision ended up saving them time because they didn’t have to worry about finding three different photography companies (which would also mean dealing with three different policies). It also saved them cost, which is always a plus.

In Utah, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, we were not permitted to enter the temple with our cameras, but this allowed us to get creative. Instead, we scouted out some great locations on the grounds and offered Sam and Mitt an incredibly scenic photoshoot after their sacred ceremony. Additionally, we did some fun portraits of family in front of the ornate  temple doors.

In my ten years in this business I am still privileged to meet new people from all different kinds of backgrounds, and Rebecca and I felt very honored to be a part of Sam and Mitt’s wedding day.


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