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Jonina and Corey’s Valley Forge Wedding

Jonina and Corey’s Valley Forge Military Academy wedding was a combination of awesome military regalia and stone architecture with sweet love, tearful embraces, and a group of party animals!

The Valley Forge Military Academy is very prestigious and the grounds are beautifully kept with brick walkways and green hills. Corey got ready at the church and his buddies decided to help kill his nerves with beer pong, using beer in their cups like true pro’s.

Cadets helped with the proceedings and one even slapped Jonina on the butt with a sword as she walked out of the church! For their couple pics Corey excitedly rode a long and thick cannon which, personally, was a hilarious highlight. For the reception their navy blue and gold cake perched at the top of the stairs welcoming people into the ballroom. There was a separate table for Jonina’s dad as he was a P.O.W, which showed how valuable family is to them.

There was some major sister love going on, and I was happy to capture so many shots of their time together celebrating and having fun together. Our Photo Booth operator loved taking photo after photo of these characters because they had such energy and excitement! Corey and Jonina were so kind as well, making sure we had everything we needed and giving us freedom to shoot what we thought would look best.

Thank you for kindness, you guys. We wish you nothing but the best!


Dave T.

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