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Vanessa and Bob’s Wedding at Vie on North Broad Street

When you take a wedding with an intimately-sized bridal party, and mix it with a room full of loving and excited friends and family members, you’re sure to create a memorable day that’s truly focused on the love of two individuals. Vanessa and Bob made some excellent decisions when they planned their wedding, because they were able to take advantage of the day without frantically running around or losing the most precious moments.

Vanessa got ready at Le Meridien, a classically beautiful hotel with a modern twist. The exterior’s architecture is reminiscent of an early 20th century building, but the interior has been remodeled to an awesome, chic feeling.┬áVanessa had the assistance of her Maid of Honor and her mother, which created a different but positive dynamic than the usual large bridal parties. We were able to focus less on the amount of people, and more on the sweet interactions between the three women.

We took the family and first look photos in Le Meridien’s gorgeous library. There was a lot of dramatic lighting to play with – plus it was cute to get a shot of Vanessa helping Bob with his tie! We also took a trip down to the Race Street Pier and, since Bob is an architect, we took some great photos with the bridge and the metalworks in the background.

They were so on top of their timing for the day that they didn’t miss a single beat. Just after their beautiful ceremony, since we had already taken their group and couple formals, they had time to relax and enjoy their cocktail hour (which is such a rarity for newlyweds!) with their close family and friends.

And, even though their wedding had 250 guests, they still had time to see everyone and take in the emotions of the day! The best man and maid of honor gave fantastic, personal toasts, since they were married to each other and had known the couple for a long time. Later on, Bob got to show off his “Funky Bunch” moves by singing along to his favorite Marky Mark song!

What a beautiful and amazing day to be a part of. Thank you Vanessa and Bob for letting JPG document the laughs and tears. And may you both plan to build a beautiful future as the goofy and fun couple you are!

Joe G.

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