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Introducing JPG’s Highlight Videography

Today is the proud unveiling of a new service from JPG: Highlight Videography

As a visual medium, video is a natural extension of what we do. Now, with the ease and quality of video with our professional DSLR cameras, we’re able to offer a quality product and service my wife and I wish we had available when we got married. We’ll shoot throughout the day and create a fun, high-energy video capturing the spirit of your day edited together with two awesome songs.

While we are excited about this service we don’t want this to be confused with the high quality video that our friends in the industry produce. People like Derek at Lavon Films, and Glen and Violet at Cord 3 Films are two of the best firms in the industry. If you want phenomenal cinematography and some of the best production value for your money you should go with them.

What JPG has offering is highlight reel, not to compete with them. Our service is missing in the market. On our own wedding day, Rebecca and I really wanted video, but like most couples starting out, we couldn’t afford it. What didn’t exist yet was something that is quality and budget-conscious. For several years I‘ve been thinking about creating this video. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but if you’re looking to have some video, and you don’t want uncle Bob or some stranger to do it, this is the perfect option – both simple and terrific.

We also must thank Amy and Brandon, Melissa and Jason as well as Dana and Mike who trusted us to produce this video without seeing a sample.

To celebrate the launch, for the rest of December, the video package will be $900. As of Jan. 1, it moves to $1000. If you’re like my wife and I, and you want to remember your wedding through video but are looking for an affordable option, consider this one.

With that said, I’m proud to introduce Laura, one of our editors who is also a talented photographer and now, our videographer. As a videographer, I’m looking for special moments between the bride and groom. I seek out details that are unique to them. Film making allows us to see things in real time as if it is repeating. We have the ability to replay scenes that are quirky, hysterical, or even deep and moving. Video is something I’ve always been passionate about and I’m excited to be able to do this for JPG. I look forward to creating many more highlight reels for you!


Joe G and Laura

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.13.18 PM

We were thrilled to get Amy’s feedback for our product. She said some wonderful things that we have to share.

“We LOVED our photographer, Matt, so much it’s ridiculous. From our engagement session, to the actual wedding, he’s a machine–running around to get the best shot. Our photos were absolutely gorgeous, and we feel so lucky that we found JPG. We really feel like he captured some beautiful moments, and couldn’t be happier. Matt’s not only an truly amazing photographer, but a pretty amazing guy, too.
We also opted to get the wedding highlights video, and we are so happy we added it. You can see ours on JPG’s blog (know, we have no affiliation with them, nor did they even ask us to shout them out), and it so perfectly highlighted the day. If you have the extra cash, ABSOLUTELY do the highlights video!”


Photographers on this Shoot

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