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Viktoriya & Josue at the Rittenhouse Hotel

At JPG Photography, we find it pretty easy to fall in love with Philadelphia weddings. What can we say? We’re proud of our city! But Viktoriya and Josue took it to a whole new level when they incorporated a mariachi reception at the Rittenhouse Hotel, classic Art Museum photoshoots, and diversity and love amongst the families. It was truly the perfect day!

What’s interesting about Viktoriya and Josue is that they’re already married. They decided to marry in a more intimate way, by having very few witnesses around for it. But they also decided to have a ceremony and reception to celebrate with their family and friends. I thought it was pretty cool that they had a day of intimacy, and then a day of togetherness. And there were a lot of close family and friends coming with Ukrainian and Mexican heritages, bringing an awesome multicultural element to the day.

Viktoriya got ready mostly on her own, and enjoyed some moments of quiet reflection before the big day.  Meanwhile, Josue prepared with his groomsmen with a bottle of tequila and their little Buddy Christ figurine (gotta love the homage to Dogma!), and he was all smiles and excitement.

We took some couple photos and bridal party shots around the surrounding city area. They trusted us to use our photojournalistic instincts, and when you trust JPG, you get results. Since their engagement shots were held near Society Hill, we focused more on the Art Museum and in Fairmount Park. I liked that we had a good mesh of classic intimate shots of Viktoriya and Josue on the park bench, while mixing in some funny bridal party poses on the steps of the museum (including the classic Rocky fists in the air). This was a group who knew how to take advantage of their setting!

The ceremony was held at the Church of the Holy Trinity, in Rittenhouse Square. Family and friends kept close to the aisle in their pews, watching their loved ones exchange their vows and promises. After the ceremony, the party let loose next door at the Rittenhouse Hotel. Their food was delicious and rich, including shrimp cocktail shooters and a rose petal cake. My absolute favorite part of the day was when Viktoriya planned an awesome surprise for Josue, by hiring Mariachi Mendoza to play at their reception! The mariachi band was incredibly talented, with four instrumentalists who alternated as singers. They even took requests!

Congratulations to Viktoriya and Josue on an incredibly awesome wedding day.

¡Via con Dios, nos amigos!

Best, Joe

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