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It’s Your Wedding, Cry If You Want To

Here at JPG we LOVE crying! Seriously. It’s one of our many idiosyncrasies, but truly, we appreciate tears because we recognize how powerful they are.

As someone who hovers in the background of every wedding, I frequently hear loved ones whisper an urgent, “Don’t cry” to the bride. Practically speaking, I understand that makeup is not something women enjoy having ruined, and I want you to look your best as well, but crying is part of each individual’s personality and beauty. I say let the makeup be ruined for the sake of raw emotion and real moments! And grooms that goes for you too (well, except for the makeup part). If your heart is full, let it show.

People ask for tricks to help stop their emotion, and I find that so sad. While there is definitely such a thing as the “ugly cry,” which my wife and her family exhibit at every wedding (sorry Bec!), most tears at weddings do not appear to be agonizing and painful; they are a beautiful reminder of all the love we hold inside. A few teardrops down the cheek could easily become one of the most breathtaking photos of an entire day. In fact, when our staff culls and edits photos, they often have tears in their eyes because of the tears in yours!

In fact, our JPG photographers themselves have gotten choked up behind the camera because of all the love in the room. I still remember one of my brides, Natalie, singing Ave Maria, and Bec remembers Meg and Jen’s wedding when gay marriage was yet to be legal in PA and all the incredible happiness and support they received from family and friends (including a surprise flash mob). We’ve had couples go through the unthinkable in order to be together, and their tenacity is a testament to us all.

Happy tears, grateful tears, memory-laden tears — they’re are contagious, so at JPG, we encourage you to just let them flow.


Joe G.

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