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Not your Normal Wedding: Paintball Trash the Dress!

When a couple calls you up, and tells you they’re going to play paintball in their wedding attire, how could we say no?! Trash the Dress is a fun trend in wedding photography that daring and non-traditional couples choose for the pure art. It’s an awesome way to create meaningful memories with attire you’re never going to use again. At least this way, you get a second chance to wear it! To some, the thought of destroying your wedding dress via paint balls hurtling at you from all directions would seem like a nightmare; but to Jenn and Justin, this was their vision.

They contacted us last year about utilizing Gear Up Paintball, in Hammonton, NJ right before they had a small family reception with about 50 family members. They also wanted some more traditional photos, so we decided to start the day at the unique Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street, where we created some stunning photos of the couple surrounded by the maze of glass and mirrors which make up the urban garden (keep an eye out for the post on that!). I had never geared up for paintball before, so I was excited for both the creative shoot, and the action! There were some new challenges with this shoot because of the mixed environment. Surprisingly enough, paintball courses were not designed with photographers in mind, but the photojournalist in me found ways to utilize the gaming landscape. Although shooting through a mask was definitely a new experience.

We did some scouting of the area and found some nice clearings that worked well for incorporating the whole wedding party. We took some awesome shots with lots of character, and even some iconic references for comedic sake. The couple really wanted their bridal party to be involved, and bought them all matching t-shirts so the paint colors would pop– they even requested specific colored paintballs so everything would look just the way they wanted. We incorporated some fun shots with “Wet Paint” tape, and got action shots of the couple diving and shooting, that feel straight out of an action movie!

You get amazing results when you trust your photographer. This shoot was the perfect combination of a daring bride and groom, and a photojournalistic vision that was allowed to flourish. At JPG, we love shooting alternative weddings and bringing creative ideas to life. Bring your ideas to us, and we’ll help you tell your story, even if it’s a little crazy! Your Moment is Coming!

Best, Joe G.

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