Tips for Chaotic Weather on your Wedding Day

Eagerly checking the weather for your big day is always anxiety producing, and for some couples, their wedding weather isn’t ideal. Imagine whipping the curtains open your heart drops; drab. Outside is NOT what you imagined. Have no fear, JPG knows how to handle any weather that is less than ideal because we’ve shot in hurricane force winds, floods and freak snowstorms. It’s a cruel fact of life that many things are out of our control. It doesn’t mean that your day is ruined! Far from ruined, it actually opens new doors for different and unique opportunities.

Tips for Chaotic Weather

1. Let the weather create a new creative mood for your images

Whether it rains on your wedding day, or maybe it’s not as bright as you imagined, the professionals here at JPG are quick and creative on their feet, delivering fantastic and romantic photos you’ll cherish forever. Recently we had the honor of shooting Kerry & Matt’s beautiful wedding at Appleford Estate. When primary photographer Justin arrived, he knew the fog outside would make for some spectacular photos. After reassuring Kerry and her family that everything would be okay, the wedding was a smooth and beautiful affair.

“I was excited to shoot in different elements,” Justin told me. “I actually kept them out longer to get more shots, the longer I waited the darker and moodier it got. Kerry brought this kick-ass leather jacket because she was worried it was going to rain, and when I suggested she wear it for some portraits, she loved the idea!”

To properly capture the fog, Justin lit the couple with a bounce umbrella, but he says “most of the look came from the fog because the background was so dark. As soon as I added the light, it brought the background down even more, making it moodier.”

It goes without saying that Kerry looks like a complete badass in the fog and her leather jacket! JPG specializes in turning whatever less than ideal situation is in front of us and making it fabulous. If it rains, don’t worry – rain is romantic! You’ll be holding your sweetie close as you hear the pitter patter of soft rain on the umbrella. In that moment nobody else exists, and that’s all we can hope for on a photo shoot; for you to get lost in love. If the morning of your wedding arrives and the weather is not what you dreamed of, you can breathe a sigh of relief because JPG is here, and we’re going to kick some butt.

2. Prepare what you can ahead of time

If there is a chance of rain, make sure you and the wedding party have umbrellas. Clear/transparent and colorful umbrellas help give more creative options that dark black. Feel free to play with your new props and add some fun into the unpredictability. Rain boots, either matching or colorful, also help add a fun element. You may not need it, but no reason to stress. Be prepared.

3. Have your photographers look for atypical compositions and weather elements

Having rain allows for dramatic backlighting opportunities. Just after a rain, there could be a beautiful sky or rainbow. There might also be new puddles for reflections or other action shots to bring out your personality. Snow always adds drama and personality.

4. Don’t let it get you down

The most important message on your wedding day is that you’re getting married to your best friend. Don’t let anything get in the way of that. The happier you are, the happier everyone else is around you. Your guests take your cues from you. Years from now, guest probably won’t even remember that it rained on your wedding day if they only see your smiling faces.


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