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Welcome to JPG Photography – Danette!

As JPG Photography begins 2013, I want to share a little secret. We get requests every other week from photographers and editors to work with us. It’s always humbling to hear that people want to work for this team that I started out of my bedroom 9 years ago. But few photographers out there have the delicate balance of  talent, personality and maturity to live up to the standards I set.

Even more rare is someone with the talent to skip over the many months of testing, challenges and always entertaining hazing (Ha!) I throw at them to become a senior associate. But just a few short months ago, we met Danette, and today, I’m proud to announce her as the newest lead photographer for the JPG Team!

Couples may now request her to document your events, and I have the utmost confidence in her abilities. She has been shooting for more than two years now, and she offers energy and experiences that we feel are a perfect fit for the JPG mantra – she will tell YOUR story, and make it live on for the rest of your life!

We’re excited to welcome you, Danette, and we hope you all get to share her warmth and charm with the crazy JPG family.

Joe G

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